Updated calendar here


25WED 7PM-11 Roosters Roadhouse Thanksgiving Rockout!!!- New Richmond, WI

27FRI 9PM-1 Smittys- Chisago, MN

28SAT 9PM-1Bon Ton Room- Luck, WI

29SUN 3PM-6 Bamboo Bettys Aftergame Party-Lexington, MN 

29SUN 10PM-2 Dicks Bar & Grill- Hudson, WI



America's Got Talent Invites Jeff Loven

After viewing Loven's Youtube sensation Heavy Metal Polka the casting producer for NBC hit series America's Got Talent  has called Jeff several times in hopes of bringing the spectacle to network television and has left an open invitation for upcoming season 10. 

To see what all the fuss is about watch Heavy Metal Polka here:


Loven's Heavy Metal Polka Get's The Nod From Bud-lite

Bud-lite's Breaking News channel called Loven's Band "A pretty awesome heavy metal polka band" in the skit.  Check it out here:


Jeff Loven on Van Halen News Desk.com

Jeff took a picture with Eddie Van Halen back in 1985 in New Orleans.  The Van Halen news desk recently ran a story about Ed's adventure on Bourbon Street back in the day.  Loven was there.  Scroll down the story to see Jeff with Ed!


Jeff Loven is Always Rocking!

Jeff Loven performs all styles of music showcasing his guitar prowess and flexible vocal ability.   

Be sure to check out Jeff's video Heavy Metal Polka


Also Jeff's promo video


New Venues For 2014

Some new venues have been added to the upcoming  2014 performance calendar.

Look for Jeff at the following new gigs:

Tanners Station in Andover, MN Thursdays Feb & March 13  8:30pm-12:30

Bon Ton Tavern in Luck, WI on friday February 7
& Saturday June 14

Shiners in Lakeland MN Thursday Feb 20 plus exciting new house gig news coming!!!

Beach Bar in Lakeland, MN on saturdays March 8 & April 19, 2014

Chief Lk Lodge in Hayward, WI on Valentines Day 2/14/2014 and also on thursday 7/3/2014

The Wild Badger in New Richmond, WI on  March 1, 2014, July 26 & September 5

Wildwood Bar in Woodville WI March 22

Friends Bar in River Falls WI April 12

UW Wanderoos Wisconsin April 26

Valley Fair Opening Weekend Saturday & Sunday May 17 & 18 Noon-3:45

As always Jeff will be at your other favorite places where he has performed on a regular basis.

Booking 2015 Weddings, Corporate & Private Events

Don't hesitate to book your events early.  There are only so many fridays & saturdays open in 2015 and people gobble up those dates quickly.  If you are planning your wedding or other event for 2015 call and speak to Jeff personally to put a hold on your date early because the entire year books up quickly.  Know that once your date is locked in you will not have to worry or be concerned about having a great & memorable event-that part will be taken care of.  Jeff guarantees it!

Call Jeff today to discuss your event at 763-229-1136

For an immediate quote you can also email Jeff at jeffloven@comcast.net

Please include nature of event, date, location and approximate number of guests if possible.  You do not need to have a definite location or exact number of guests to reserve your date or to get a quote.

Watch the Heavy Metal Polka Video!

Heavy Metal Polka-the video is finally accessible.  Loven's genius mash-up of classic metal and polka combines the finest guitar shredding along with outrageous polka fun. The new video Heavy Metal Polka has captured the attention of the entire Mpls-St Paul music community receiving overwhelming support along with airtime & acknowledgement from 93X, KQ92, Jack 104 and metal blogs everywhere. 

Fire up the pyro, grab a beer and bang your head.  Heavy Metal Polka is here. Check out an all-time crowd favorite plus a new youtube sensation!


Heavy Metal Polka and Jeff Loven's Polka Face Now Available

Loven's Heavy Metal Polka has been a favorite request for many years and finally the song is available for download . Loven shreds crazy guitar licks and somehow ties it altogether with Metal & Polka!!!! The sing-a-long chorus will have you chanting "Zicky-Zacky Zicky-Zacky Hoi Hoi Hoi" in no time so grab a beer, bang your head and get the party started: Heavy Metal Polka has arrived! Bringing people of all ages together, Heavy Metal Polka is destined to become a classic and is perhaps the only song in history that will have your grandma join in the moshpit!  Keep the party going with Jeff Loven's Polka Face; Loven's polka tribute to reigning pop queen Lady Gaga!

Both Heavy Metal Polka and Jeff Loven's Polka Face from the upcoming video Heavy Metal Polka are available at itunes, Amazon and Jeff's personal fave cdbaby





1980s Common Thread: Jeff Loven, Def Leppard, Steve Vai & Motley Crue

Historic usage

Kahler tremelo systems were most popular in the 1980s, with users such as Steve Vai, Earl Slick, Jeff Loven, Adrian Belew and Jerry Peek and bands such as Judas Priest, Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe. Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King of Slayer still use Kahlers today, and
they swear by them.

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell, formerly of the 1990s band Alice In Chains, was oft to be seen with the G&L Rampage model, a guitar that
had the Kahler tremolo unit fitted as standard equipment.

-Courtesy of http://encycl.opentopia.com/term/Kahler_Tremolo_System

Kahler players - past

-Courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kahler_Tremolo_System